Hospice House HHA (Hourly)

General Information
Location  505 MAIN STREET
United States
Employee Type  Non-Exempt Full-Time
Job Category  HHA
Industry  Hospice

Position Title: Hospice House Home Health Aide         

  • Position Summary:  The Home Health Aide is responsible for rendering personal care and assistance to VNSHS patients under the direction of a Registered Nurse and under orders from the patient's physician, reporting changes in the patient's condition or situation to the Hospice House Staff Nurse.  Adherence to agency's policies.  Timely submission of paperwork.


    Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. Provision of personal care  to VNSHS patients consistent with the established care plan, which may include:


      • Personal Care:
        • Shower, bed, or sponge bath
        • Mouth Care
        • Shave
        • Dress/Clothe
        • Shampoo
        • Fingernail Care-Clean and File
        • Skin Care with over the counter lotion
        • Special Skin Care as directed by the RN
        • Toileting (bathroom, commode, urinal, bedpan, diaper/incontinence brief 


      • Activity:
        • Ambulation
        • Transfers
        • Turn and Position in Bed
        • Range of Motion
        • HEP as instructed by RN or PT


      • Health Related Tasks:
        • Meal Preparation
        • Assist with feeding
        • Encourage/Restrict fluids
        • Routine catheter care - clean catheter and empty bag
        • Detailed catheter care per RN's instructions
        • External Catheter application & care
        • Ostomy Care as per RN's instructions
        • Measure Intake and Output
        • Apply elastic stocking


      • Housekeeping:
        • Patient Laundry
        • Make bed
        • Change linen
        • Tidy patient area & bathroom
        • Tidy kitchen as needed
        • Review care plan
        • Terminal cleaning as instructed by the RN
        • Observe special precautions as instructed by the RN

2. Coordination of Service:

    • Communicates and cooperates with nurse manager in the scheduling of assignments.
    • Communicates with the staff nurse regarding any questions/patient problems.
    • Requests assistance/guidance as needed in rendering patient care.
    • Maintains responsible attendance record.
      • Gives adequate notice for planned absences.
      • Communicates directly with nurse manager for any unplanned absences as soon as possible.
      • Assists in the orientation of new aides.

3. Skills Maintainance:

    • Attends mandatory inservices.
    • Meets annual requirement for attendance of inservices.
    • Demonstrates skills required to meet patient's needs safely.
    • Updates competency and seeks supervisory input for unfamiliar tasks.
    • Attends mandatory inservice and demonstrates competency regarding use of patient restraint/seclusion


4. Paperwork

    • Signs daily patient assignment sheets consistent with care rendered and aide care plan
    • Submits timesheets on a weekly basis.
    • Represents the agency in an appropriate manner.
    • Supports the mission of the agency.
    • Participates in Performance Improvement activities.

5. As a valued member of the VNSHS team, the Home Health Aide:

    • Represents the agency in an appropriate manner.
    • Supports the mission of the agency.
    • Participates in Performance Improvement activities.

6. Employee adheres to all applicable federal, state, local laws and regulations.

7. Other duties as assigned.


Aides will not provide services that they are not familiar with nor will they perform a service for the patient that is not in the care plan established by the VNSHS Nurse.





  • Home Health Aide Certificate.
  • Ability to read and write English.
  • Current NYS Driver's License.
  • Ability to work well with others and accept direction.
  • Flexibility.



Physical/Cognitive Requirements: 

  • Physical agility in the   form of being able to ambulate, drive a motor vehicle, and negotiate stairs.  Vision acuity correctable  to normal with normal color perception.   Hearing acuity correctable to normal.  Acute sense of smell for normal perception.  Ability to verbalize so that the average person can comprehend.