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Certified Medical Assistant (FT) FloatNon-Exempt FTLONGVIEW, TX
Certified Medical Assistant (FT) PediatricsNon-Exempt FTLongview, TX
Certified Surgical Technician (PRN) OB/GYNNon-Exempt PRNLongview, TX
Environmental Services (PT) HousekeepingNon-Exempt PTLongview, TX
LVN (FT) - FloatNon-Exempt FTLongview, TX
LVN (FT) - Internal MedicineNon-Exempt FTLongview, TX
LVN (FT) NeurologyNon-Exempt FTLongview, TX
LVN (FT) ReferralsNon-Exempt FTLongview, TX
LVN (PRN) PediatricsNon-Exempt PRNLONGVIEW, TX
MT/MLT (FT) LaboratoryNon-Exempt FTLongview, TX